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Guy Moorhouse

Guy Moorhouse

Issue 12

June 2023

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Hey, welcome – fabulous to have you here!

A quick reminder that you're receiving this email because you signed up at convergenewsletter.com (or the now retired Revue if you're an OG subscriber). You can unsubscribe here if you don't want these any more.

Well, this issue marks one year of Converge. What started out as a little experiment has gained a bit of traction. At some point I'm hoping to write a little post about my process getting to this point. It'll be a nice opportunity to reflect and look forward.

It's also true to say that the value of this newsletter only really comes through readership, so if you can think of anyone else who might also appreciate it, it would be wonderful if you could share with others. πŸ™

Finally, before we get going on this issue, I just wanted to apologise to anyone who may have temporarily experienced any broken links in the last issue. The service I send my emails through had a few hours of downtime just moments after I hit the send button – a newsletter writer's worst nightmare! But I wanted to reassure that this is extremely unlikely to ever happen again. I've since moved to a paid plan on a more reliable service provider.

Right, with the formalities now out of the way, let's get going...


Work & Projects

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

New freelance contract

I'm excited to announce that I've just started a new freelance collaboration with the lovely folks at Google Arts & Culture.

I'm going to be getting into some fun design + prototyping and will hopefully be able to share a bit more down the line, NDA permitting.

It's given me pause to reflect and I'm feeling quite proud of how far my little studio of one has come since starting out back in 2012.

πŸ”— artsandculture.google.com



Learning Music

Learning Music

Interactive tuition

Explore the fundamentals of making music via this interactive site from Ableton.

Experiment with beats, melody, harmony, basslines, and song structure in your web browser.

As ever with Ableton, it's intuitive and really nicely put together.

πŸ”— learningmusic.ableton.com



Design Studio

Beautiful new website and work on show here from Barcelona design studio, Hey.

So many lovely little details and a nice big overload of bright, beautiful colour.

πŸ”— heystudio.es

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy


Andrew McCarthy explores the universe from his backyard in Arizona, taking thousands of photos with multiple telescopes and stitching them together.

The results are incredible and his Insta is definitely worth a follow.

πŸ”— instagram.com

Present & Correct

Present & Correct

Stationery and ephemera

I've been a customer and follower of P&C's beautifully curated stationery and ephemera for over a decade.

But I discovered recently that a few friends weren't aware of the duo's impeccably art directed shop and blog, so here we are.

Check out their wonderful "office sundries for the modern workspace".

πŸ”— presentandcorrect.com





Design tools

If you're a Figma user, Diagram's suite of tools are likely to be of interest and may help you organise and speed up your work.

Many of the tools use AI in smart ways, such as things like automatic, intelligent layer renaming and contextual copy generation.

πŸ”— diagram.com

Live Surface

Live Surface

Mockup software

Live Surface is software to help you visualize your design ideas through integration with Adobe Illustrator.

This is a new, second version of this tool and is currently in Beta, but definitely worth signing up to try.

I've been lucky enough to try out the beta and it is powerful software that allows you to create really nuanced, amazing results.

πŸ”— beta.livesurface.com


Creative Spotlight

Dan Zucco

Dan Zucco

Dan Zucco

Dan Zucco

3D Artist

I was first made aware of 3D artist, Dan Zucco's work back when he was one half of animation duo Mr Kaplin.

Since then, he went solo for a long period and has amassed a beautiful collection of 3D works on his Insta. I can't get enough of his flawless sense of colour and composition.

Zucco now works with the mighty design and animation studio, ManvsMachine.

πŸ”— instagram.com



Tour de France Unchained

Tour de France Unchained

TV Series

I devoured this eight part series about the 2022 Tour de France cycling teams and riders in a couple of sittings.

It's great TV made by the same producers as F1’s Drive to Survive series and I'd say it makes compelling viewing whether or not you're a fan of the sport.

The only thing I found odd was the notable absence of Tadej Pogačar and the UAE team. But that Tom Pidcock episode. Damn. So good.

πŸ”— netflix.com





Single by Baril

Somehow missed this beauty from 2021 and Baril is also a new name to me.

Lockdown has an almost-but-not-quite drum 'n' bass hook blended with synths and vocals that layer and build in the best possible way.

Get it on loud on the headphones. Lovely.

πŸ”— songwhip.com



How to Change Your Mind

How to Change Your Mind

Book by Michael Pollan

I'm currently really enjoying this audiobook on the subject of psychedelic drugs and their power to change people's thinking for the better.

Author and journalist, Pollan takes a look at the history of psychedelics and builds a compelling picture of how they could have the power to change the world and human consciousness forever. There's already a lot of research into their benefits for people who suffer depression and other mental health troubles.

Psilocybin in particular is supposed to be great for those who enter middle age. It reportedly offers an effective way to counter the fixed thinking that becomes more common with age. Fancy a trip anyone? ;)

This book was recommended to me by my good buddy Marc (thanks Marc!).

πŸ”— literal.club


Right that's a wrap for Issue 12, hope you enjoyed this one.

I'm heading to Glastonbury in a couple of days for the first time in over a decade, so I'll see you on the other side. I'm just hoping it won't be a bog like every other occasion I've been...

Maybe see some of you there?

Guy Moorhouse