Hey, lovely to see you again. And a quick reminder that this is Converge, where I share interesting links from the interweb for your viewing and clicking pleasure.
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Guy Moorhouse

Guy Moorhouse

Issue 17

February 2024

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Hey, lovely to see you again. And a quick reminder that this is Converge, where I share interesting links from the interweb for your viewing and clicking pleasure. If you don't want this, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Hope you've been having a good February. Ours has largely been filled with home renovations. That and trying to keep three kids occupied during their half term break while we're working. Kind of like an unsolveable Tetris puzzle. Yay!

Anywaaaay, before we get going here, thought I'd share a couple of articles that have caught my eye since the last one of these.

Firstly, Cory Doctorow's brilliant piece for the FT, ‘Enshittification’ is coming for absolutely everything, which feels like it should be required reading for us all.

And then there's Andy Baio's related post on The Quiet Death of Ello’s Big Dreams. (Remember Ello? It helps if you do, but isn't vital.) Essentially, there's a lot of hubris in a founder believing they are not at VCs mercy when they take their investment. A good read.


Work & Projects

Portfolio 2024

Portfolio 2024


Before we get to the good stuff, please excuse this little indulgence — I just wanted to share that I have finally got my new website live.

It's taken me literally forever and despite this, it's half finished and missing a bunch of projects! But hey, progress at least.

And for the nerds amongst you, I hand coded it with the very brilliant Astro, which I heartily recommend.

🔗 futurefabric.co



Studio Feixen

Studio Feixen

Studio Feixen

Design Studio

Pretty much every piece of work that Felix Pfäffli's, Studio Feixen produces makes me green with envy in that positive, design crush kind of way.

The studio is prolific, outputting work that is bold, colourful and typographic. Basically a graphic designer's dream. I'm yet to find a project I don't like.

🔗 studiofeixen.ch



Puzzle gifts

I love these custom products by Nate Harris, stemming from an idea he had to make a name puzzle for his niece Nora.

Enter a name and your preferred colour options and he'll make a bespoke one just for you, to keep forever. Lovely. (Please note however, these currently only ship to the US/Canada.)

🔗 norapuzzle.com




AI Clock

Poem/1 is an AI rhyming clock by Matt Webb — a clock that uses ChatGPT to generate a new poetic description of the time, every minute.

It's a slightly mad, and very cute way to use AI and is currently on Kickstarter looking for backers. And just look at that hardware design, lovely work by Approach.

🔗 poem.town

Yamaha Seqtrak

Yamaha Seqtrak

Yamaha Seqtrak

Music creation station

This little portable groove box from Yamaha looks brilliant, and very affordable, I'm really considering a purchase at some stage.

The video shows you everything you'd need to know, but essentially it's Teenage Engineering-esque hardware at a fraction of the cost and with the build quality and clout of Yamaha. What's not to like?

🔗 youtube.com





Web app

Compare a city you plan to visit to one you know well to get a better understanding of what it'll be like.

Or in the app's words — Tell us the city you're from and the city you're going to - and presto! We'll help you quickly get the lay of the land by drawing comparisons to neighbourhoods you already know.

🔗 from-to.app

Stable audio logo

Stable Audio

AI music generator

This website allows you to generate high-quality audio that you can use commercially.

Powered by AI, it responds to text prompts, giving you outputs you can download and use in projects. I've been having fun creating drones that I've then used to add atmosphere to one or two tracks I'm making. Thanks very much to Alex for sharing this one.

🔗 stableaudio.com


Creative Spotlight

Timo Kuilder

Timo Kuilder

Timo Kuilder

Timo Kuilder

Illustrator & Artist

I've followed Timo for as long as I can remember and cannot get enough of his impeccable line work.

It's been really great to watch his output evolve over time too as he explores different techniques and approaches. Make sure to check out his books and lovely print shop too.

🔗 timokuilder.com


Cheers for reading. I'll leave you with this ace little David Attenborough video about flowers and bees that blew my tiny mind.

And a quick reminder before I go that if you want to dig through any of the things that have appeared in this or past issues of the newsletter, just go to the Explore page on the site, which is a work-in-progress where you can browse and filter and stuff.

OK, that's all I've got for this issue, so see you on the next one. (•◡•) /

Guy Moorhouse