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Nora, Puzzle gifts


Puzzle gifts

I love these custom products by Nate Harris, stemming from an idea he had to make a name puzzle for his niece Nora.


From-To, Web app


Web app

Compare a city you plan to visit to one you know well to get a better understanding of what it'll be like.


Poem/1, AI Clock


AI Clock

Poem/1 is an AI rhyming clock by Matt Webb β€” a clock that uses ChatGPT to generate a new poetic description of the time, every minute.


Studio Feixen, Design Studio

Studio Feixen

Design Studio

Pretty much every piece of work that Felix PfΓ€ffli's, Studio Feixen produces makes me green with envy in that positive, design crush kind of way.


Timo Kuilder, Illustrator & Artist

Timo Kuilder

Illustrator & Artist

I've followed Timo for as long as I can remember and cannot get enough of his impeccable line work.


Yamaha Seqtrak, Music creation station

Yamaha Seqtrak

Music creation station

This little portable groove box from Yamaha looks brilliant, and very affordable, I'm really considering a purchase at some stage.


Stable audio logo

Stable Audio

AI music generator

This website allows you to generate high-quality audio that you can use commercially.


Eleonora Kova, Artist & Illustrator

Eleonora Kova

Artist & Illustrator

Brighton-based artist, Eleonora Kova makes these brilliant, colourful geometric compositions using acrylic paints.


R1 promotional image


Pocket companion

The r1 is remarkable by virtue of being new tech doing something slightly different β€” bringing AI features into apps.


Art of listening poster image

The Art of Listening

Music documentary

If you love music, you'll love this documentary. The Art of Listening explores the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear β€” from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers who capture and preserve an artist’s voice.


Tetragrammaton logo



I've recommended lots of things by music producer Rick Rubin in this newsletter and here's another one – a podcast in which he interviews a wide variety of different notable folks from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds.


Zed, Code editor


Code editor

I've not had a chance to play with this yet, but Zed is billed as a high-performance, multiplayer code editor. It's from the creators of Atom.


Tokyo Dome City, Identity design

Tokyo Dome City

Identity design

I love this colourful, lively typographic identity for Tokyo Dome City from communication design studio TypeForm.


Space Type Generator, Animated type tool

Space Type Generator

Animated type tool

This is a brilliant browser based type animation tool from motion and generative designer Kiel Danger Mutschelknaus.


Puzzmo, Thoughtful puzzle games


Thoughtful puzzle games

Puzzmo is a brilliant collaborative puzzle games platform from prolific game designer Zach Gage and team.


Pavlovpulus, Pen plotter art


Pen plotter art

This is the work of Santiago-based artist, Pablo Azócar who shares his phenomenal pen plotter art on Instagram.


GSAP, Animation library


Animation library

GSAP is one for the front-end people who like to sweat the details crafting joyful digital experiences.


How We Feel, iOS Wellbeing Journal

How We Feel

iOS Wellbeing Journal

This is a brilliant, totally free app for helping you better understand your moods and emotions with simple and very quick daily check-ins.


Subpar Pool, Game β€” Multiple platforms

Subpar Pool

Game β€” Multiple platforms

Described by it's creator Martin Jonasson as "a whimsical adventure of playful pocket antics at the intersection of golf and pool", Subpar Pool looks like a lot of fun.


Ksawery Kirklewski, Digital / Installation Artist

Ksawery Kirklewski

Digital / Installation Artist

I was first made aware of the wonderful work of Ksawery Kirklewski via his collaboration with Max Cooper on the musician's track, Symphony in Acid.


Cocoon, Game – Multiple platforms


Game – Multiple platforms

I've nearly finished this puzzle platform game on the Switch and it’s an absolute masterpiece.


NYT Games, Web and mobile games

NYT Games

Web and mobile games

No matter what games I delve into, the staple that I always come back to is well designed word games. And the New York Times has a great little selection that doesn't disappoint.


Matt Taylor, 3D Artist

Matt Taylor

3D Artist

Matt is a talented artist and technical director based in Leeds in the UK. I've been a fan of his work for a good while now and always see something in his feed that blows my mind.


BFriends, 3D Printed products


3D Printed products

With on demand production powered by the brilliant, BFriends is an online store of beautiful sustainable 3D printed design accessories made from recycled bioplastic.