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BFriends, 3D Printed products


3D Printed products

With on demand production powered by the brilliant, BFriends is an online store of beautiful sustainable 3D printed design accessories made from recycled bioplastic.


Huntz Liu, Paper Artist

Huntz Liu

Paper Artist

Love these colourful and intricate hand-cut paper artworks by Taiwanese-American artist, Huntz Liu.


Counterprint, Online Bookshop


Online Bookshop

I recently bought this little haul of design books (which are very good btw) and was reminded how brilliant an outlet Counterprint is.


Stephen McMennamy, Artist

Stephen McMennamy


These compositions by McMennamy are really great. He takes two (often unrelated) photos and fuses them together to make a new thought-provoking image.


Aleksey Starykh, Pixelart Scenes

Aleksey Starykh

Pixelart Scenes

I get deep nostalgia for my teenage years when I see these pixelart loops by Aleksey.


Marco Oggian, Coffee tables

Marco Oggian

Coffee tables

Absolutely love these fantastic side table animals by Marco Oggian — beautiful, unusual shapes with bold, colourful graphics. What's not to love?


Suiteru, Audiovisual performance


Audiovisual performance

I'm currently learning to make music with a Maschine MK3, so when I saw these midi-reactive audiovisuals, I was pretty blown away.


Present & Correct, Stationery and ephemera

Present & Correct

Stationery and ephemera

I've been a customer and follower of P&C's beautifully curated stationery and ephemera for over a decade.


Andrew McCarthy, Astrophotography

Andrew McCarthy


Andrew McCarthy explores the universe from his backyard in Arizona, taking thousands of photos with multiple telescopes and stitching them together.


Hey, Design Studio


Design Studio

Beautiful new website and work on show here from Barcelona design studio, Hey.


Learning Music, Interactive tuition

Learning Music

Interactive tuition

Explore the fundamentals of making music via this interactive site from Ableton.


What the Car?, Game

What the Car?


An absurdly silly game of adventure on Apple Arcade which is full of racing, laughs, and surprises.


Sulo, Jigsaw Puzzles


Jigsaw Puzzles

Beautiful French-made limited edition jigsaw puzzles. These are bloody lovely and made in collaboration with some really fantastic artists.


A photograph of a US highrise.



Highrises is a really nicely put together project showcasing the skyscrapers and tall buildings of early 20th century America.


A screenshot from Lego Builder.

Lego Builder's Journey


Lego Builder's Journey is a beautifully crafted and imaginative little game full of great little puzzles.


Seven weird bendy white columns dangling down, faintly reminiscent of Udon noodles.


Interactive Experiments

This is a collection of interactive experiments by Japanese game developer and computer scientist, saharan.


A screenshot from interactive learning website, Space Elevator

Space Elevator

Interactive learning

Space Elevator is a fun and exciting side project from Neal Agarwal, offering an engaging way to learn about altitude.


Mural by Marc David Spengler

Marc David Spengler


I first discovered Spengler's work through his prolific sketchbook pages, which he shared on Instagram. I immediately fell in love with his bold use of color and line.


Architecture in Sarpi, Georgia, on the coast of the Black Sea.



Greyscape celebrates the beauty of brutalist and modernist architecture with some great examples from around the world.


Letterboxd Year in Review, Film recommendations

Letterboxd Year in Review

Film recommendations

From more than 227 million ratings cast by Letterboxd members in 2022, the films in this list were ranked the best of the best.


Matches, Stop motion study


Stop motion study

I've been following Tomohiro Okazaki on Instagram for a while and he is some kind of genius. He makes these incredibly intricate, creative stop motion studies using matchsticks.


TET, Indie game


Indie game

I'm quite a fan of weird, thought-provoking games. This indie title from Charlotte Broccard is certainly one of those…


Wonders of Street View, Location explorer

Wonders of Street View

Location explorer

Another internet banger from Neal Agarwal. This is a super compelling, fun way to explore locations round the world.


muted dot io, Interactive music tools

muted dot io

Interactive music tools

If you like tinkering and playing music like I do, you'll love this.