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Matches, Stop motion study


Stop motion study

I've been following Tomohiro Okazaki on Instagram for a while and he is some kind of genius. He makes these incredibly intricate, creative stop motion studies using matchsticks.


TET, Indie game


Indie game

I'm quite a fan of weird, thought-provoking games. This indie title from Charlotte Broccard is certainly one of those…


Wonders of Street View, Location explorer

Wonders of Street View

Location explorer

Another internet banger from Neal Agarwal. This is a super compelling, fun way to explore locations round the world.


muted dot io, Interactive music tools

muted dot io

Interactive music tools

If you like tinkering and playing music like I do, you'll love this.


Pop Girls, Art + AI

Pop Girls

Art + AI

As mentioned in earlier issues, I am a little wary of the application of AI to create art. But Franck Gérard's Pop Girls Series (that I picked up via my old Airside buddy Malika) really jumped out at me as something exceptional.


Wang & Sรถderstrรถm, Studio

Wang & Sรถderstrรถm


I've been following the work of this creative duo for some time now and they never fail to inspire.


Endel, Personalised soundscapes


Personalised soundscapes

I've used this app quite a lot lately to help get myself in a good flow for work. Whether that's writing code or sketching/designing.


Sony Logos, Identity design collection

Sony Logos

Identity design collection

This is a wonderful, growing collection of Sony’s sub-brands. From Playstation to the Sports range, it really highlights that the identity and graphic design that’s come out of Sony over the years is next-level good.

๐Ÿ”—, Blogs directory

Blogs directory

There seems to be a bit of a blogging renaissance going on, so this new directory of blogs from Phil Gyford is timely. It’s a great way to discover writing on all sorts of topics and a lovely jump off point to get lost on the internet.


KIDS, Interactive animation


Interactive animation

Kids might be from a few years back, but I recently discovered that a few of my friends had missed it, so I thought I’d share in case you did too.


Brazen Botany, Homeware

Brazen Botany


Absolutely love these ‘art houseplants’ by Irish designer Caroline Byrne. Perfect if you’re someone like me who inadvertently seems to end up killing many of your plants through overwatering or neglect.


Britainโ€™s Carbon Forecast, Exploratory prototype

Britainโ€™s Carbon Forecast

Exploratory prototype

What if we chatted about carbon emissions like we chat about the weather?


Windosill, Game



This magic 2009 game from Patrick Smith / Vectorpark is now available on Nintendo Switch.

๐Ÿ”—, Natural soundscapes

Natural soundscapes

A free repository of immersive natural soundscapes. Listen to the sounds of calming seas, birdsong and more from all over the world in your browser and get in tune with nature wherever you are.


Rive, Creative animation tools


Creative animation tools

Every now and again, something comes along that you can feel is going to be a big deal for digital makers. For me, Rive is one of those moments.


Choir, Audio hardware


Audio hardware

I’ve been impressed with every product teenage engineering have put out, and their latest, Choir is no exception.


Ableton Note, iOS music creation app

Ableton Note

iOS music creation app

I love Abletonโ€™s products and have been a longstanding Live user for a good while. Note is up to the usual high standard and is a fantastic iOS app for sketching musical ideas. Play beats, melodies and even create recorded samples. Lots of fun.


Paradise Marsh, Game

Paradise Marsh


For transparency, Iโ€™ve not played this new game from Etienne Trudeau yet, but I intend to very soon. It looks like a really cute, whimsical adventure. The fact itโ€™s described as โ€œa short contemplative game about catching frogs and restoring stars in the skyโ€ says it all.


Pencil Booth, Newsletter platform

Pencil Booth

Newsletter platform

Like Explore in the last issue, PencilBooth looks like another example of a nice upcoming platform for creative folks. Itโ€™s is a micro-newsletter service built for artists, where you share weekly updates of four images and news of what youโ€™ve been up to. Iโ€™ve just popped myself on the waitlist.


Knotwords, Game for iOS and Android


Game for iOS and Android

Iโ€™ve been playing this game from Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger for a while now and Iโ€™m still hooked. Itโ€™s a smart sort of mash-up of crosswords and Boggle where you have to find the right words by working out where they to fit into the grid.


The Steve Jobs Archive, Website

The Steve Jobs Archive


A nice little site gathering some ideals and values that motivated Steve Jobs throughout his life. Also with the lofty ambition of โ€œbuilding programs, fellowships, collections, and partnerships that reflect Steveโ€™s values and carry his sense of possibility forward.โ€


Six N. Five, Design studio

Six N. Five

Design studio

Staggeringly good 3D / animation work from this Barcelona design studio, featuring imaginary, dream-like worlds.


UAU Project, 3D Printed Homeware

UAU Project

3D Printed Homeware

UAU Project is a design studio creating and selling incredible, sustainable homeware. The Warsaw based duo experiments with 3D printing and high quality materials to create environmentally sound, beautiful products.


Learning Synths, Interactive Learning

Learning Synths

Interactive Learning

Learn about synthesisers in this magic site from Ableton. Play with a synth in your browser and learn all the different features to create your own sounds. This is an old favourite Iโ€™ve lost quite a bit of time to.