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Useful tools, apps and more.

From-To, Web app


Web app

Compare a city you plan to visit to one you know well to get a better understanding of what it'll be like.


Stable audio logo

Stable Audio

AI music generator

This website allows you to generate high-quality audio that you can use commercially.


Zed, Code editor


Code editor

I've not had a chance to play with this yet, but Zed is billed as a high-performance, multiplayer code editor. It's from the creators of Atom.


GSAP, Animation library


Animation library

GSAP is one for the front-end people who like to sweat the details crafting joyful digital experiences.


How We Feel, iOS Wellbeing Journal

How We Feel

iOS Wellbeing Journal

This is a brilliant, totally free app for helping you better understand your moods and emotions with simple and very quick daily check-ins.


Procreate Dreams, iPad animation app

Procreate Dreams

iPad animation app

Procreate Dreams is due to be released soon. It's an all-new animation app from the same folks who make the brilliant and wildly successful Procreate drawing app.


Planta, Plantcare app


Plantcare app

There's lots of apps around to help you care for your plants, but this one has stuck for me.


Live Surface, Mockup software

Live Surface

Mockup software

Live Surface is software to help you visualize your design ideas through integration with Adobe Illustrator.


Diagram, Design tools


Design tools

If you're a Figma user, Diagram's suite of tools are likely to be of interest and may help you organise and speed up your work.


Boring Report, News app

Boring Report

News app

Boring Report is an app that uses AI language models to remove sensationalism from the news, while preserving essential information.


Audiopen, AI Transcriptions


AI Transcriptions

Yep I'm at AI saturation point too, but Audiopen deserves a mention. Speak freely while it listens and it will then succinctly and clearly summarise the meaning of what you've just said.


Libby, Library reading app


Library reading app

I'm not sure how I'd not heard of this before, but it's brilliant. Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more from your library directly via your mobile device.


Maneken, Online mockup editor


Online mockup editor

I've been having an early look at Maneken and it looks like it has a lot of promise. Drop artwork onto photography of devices, billboards and more to create realistically lit, simple mock ups.


Icon for the Balance app, showing 3 white stones balanced in a stack.


MacOS time tracking app

Apps that offer time tracking and reminders to stop working are nothing new. But where others have failed for me, I've found Balance has really stuck.


Github Copilot

Github Copilot

AI assistant

Copilot is essentially AI autocomplete for programming. It is a little bit of software you install alongside your editor that has been trained on billions of lines of code across dozens of languages.


Raycast, Productivity Software


Productivity Software

Raycast is extremely useful. It's described as "a blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more."


How Many Plants, Guides / Advice

How Many Plants

Guides / Advice

How Many Plants is the advice you might not have known you needed, to help improve your upkeep and care of houseplants.


Ivory, iOS App


iOS App

As Twitter sadly continues to flush itself down the toilet, I wanted to give people who might have ruled out Mastodon as a better alternative, a heads up on something.


Mastodon, Decentralised social network


Decentralised social network

Mastodon is a bit odd. And kind of clumsy to get started with. There are also not that many folks using it. But in all those regards, it really reminds me of the early days of Twitter and I’ve found I kinda like it and I think I can see it sticking for me.


Colour & Contrast, Interactive guide

Colour & Contrast

Interactive guide

Colour & Contrast is a comprehensive guide for exploring and learning about the theory, science, and perception of colour and contrast.


iA Presenter, Presentation software

iA Presenter

Presentation software

iA Presenter is all about simplifying the process of putting together and giving a presentation. It does this by getting you focused on the content and the story you’re telling, rather than you getting bogged down with the design and layout, which it kind of automates away. It has all the hallmarks of iA Writer which is a wonderful writing app, so if you’re someone who gives a lot of presentations, I reckon it’s worth a look.


Matter, Reader and bookmarking app


Reader and bookmarking app

I’ve been using Matter for a little while now to gather together different articles and stuff to read later. While the β€˜read later’ concept’s not new, what I love about Matter is that you can have any saved article read to you and it has a really nice highlighting/noting feature to save salient points for later. Useful.


Nicheless, Writing platform


Writing platform

As all the big social media companies continue their slow demise, I’m keeping my eye out for new and upcoming small platforms. Nicheless is just that β€” a micro-blogging platform for raw, unfiltered thoughts. I like that it’s described as being β€œlike long form Twitter, minus the status games.”

πŸ”—, Bypass paywalls

Bypass paywalls

Prepend their web address to the URL of any paywalled web page, and 12ft will do its best to remove the paywall and grant you access to the article. Without dwelling on whether this is fair or right, this has been very effective and useful for me so far.