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The Creative Act By Rick Rubin, Non-fiction

The Creative Act By Rick Rubin


I'm only halfway or so into this book from legendary music producer, Rick Rubin, but feel I can already heartily recommend it.


Aftersun, Film



I've wanted to watch this directorial debut from Charlotte Wells for a while as it got such great write ups when it was released.


Procreate Dreams, iPad animation app

Procreate Dreams

iPad animation app

Procreate Dreams is due to be released soon. It's an all-new animation app from the same folks who make the brilliant and wildly successful Procreate drawing app.


Planta, Plantcare app


Plantcare app

There's lots of apps around to help you care for your plants, but this one has stuck for me.


Huntz Liu, Paper Artist

Huntz Liu

Paper Artist

Love these colourful and intricate hand-cut paper artworks by Taiwanese-American artist, Huntz Liu.


Do Interesting by Russell Davies, Book

Do Interesting by Russell Davies


I've really enjoyed this book from Russell Davies (and friends). It's a helpful reminder that creativity is a habit we need to nurture.


Counterprint, Online Bookshop


Online Bookshop

I recently bought this little haul of design books (which are very good btw) and was reminded how brilliant an outlet Counterprint is.


Agathe Singer, Illustrator

Agathe Singer


Agathe Singer is an artist and illustrator from France with a background in graphic design. She often works in gouache, creating vibrant, colourful art with themes of femininity and nature.


Stephen McMennamy, Artist

Stephen McMennamy


These compositions by McMennamy are really great. He takes two (often unrelated) photos and fuses them together to make a new thought-provoking image.


Aleksey Starykh, Pixelart Scenes

Aleksey Starykh

Pixelart Scenes

I get deep nostalgia for my teenage years when I see these pixelart loops by Aleksey.


The Quiet Power of Introverts, Animated Short

The Quiet Power of Introverts

Animated Short

We seem less able to celebrate quiet, thoughtful people as much as we should imo.


Marco Oggian, Coffee tables

Marco Oggian

Coffee tables

Absolutely love these fantastic side table animals by Marco Oggian — beautiful, unusual shapes with bold, colourful graphics. What's not to love?


Colin from Accounts, TV Series

Colin from Accounts

TV Series

This is a really good little Australian comedy series written by and starring Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer.


Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off, Documentary

Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off


This documentary is a really well put together picture of skater, Tony Hawk's rise to fame.


CACTI, Album by Billynomates


Album by Billynomates

I'm really late to the music of Tor Maries / Billynomates who rose to fame during the pandemic, but I was lucky enough to see her perform at Glastonbury.


Tape Notes, Podcast

Tape Notes


A recent discovery, Tape Notes is a podcast about the art and craft of music production, featuring interviews with a wide range of super talented artists.


Suiteru, Audiovisual performance


Audiovisual performance

I'm currently learning to make music with a Maschine MK3, so when I saw these midi-reactive audiovisuals, I was pretty blown away.


Present & Correct, Stationery and ephemera

Present & Correct

Stationery and ephemera

I've been a customer and follower of P&C's beautifully curated stationery and ephemera for over a decade.


Andrew McCarthy, Astrophotography

Andrew McCarthy


Andrew McCarthy explores the universe from his backyard in Arizona, taking thousands of photos with multiple telescopes and stitching them together.


Dan Zucco, 3D Artist

Dan Zucco

3D Artist

I was first made aware of 3D artist, Dan Zucco's work back when he was one half of animation duo Mr Kaplin.


Live Surface, Mockup software

Live Surface

Mockup software

Live Surface is software to help you visualize your design ideas through integration with Adobe Illustrator.


Tour de France Unchained, TV Series

Tour de France Unchained

TV Series

I devoured this eight part series about the 2022 Tour de France cycling teams and riders in a couple of sittings.


Hey, Design Studio


Design Studio

Beautiful new website and work on show here from Barcelona design studio, Hey.


How to Change Your Mind, Book by Michael Pollan

How to Change Your Mind

Book by Michael Pollan

I'm currently really enjoying this audiobook on the subject of psychedelic drugs and their power to change people's thinking for the better.