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Hey, Design Studio


Design Studio

Beautiful new website and work on show here from Barcelona design studio, Hey.


How to Change Your Mind, Book by Michael Pollan

How to Change Your Mind

Book by Michael Pollan

I'm currently really enjoying this audiobook on the subject of psychedelic drugs and their power to change people's thinking for the better.


Lockdown, Single by Baril


Single by Baril

Somehow missed this beauty from 2021 and Baril is also a new name to me.


Diagram, Design tools


Design tools

If you're a Figma user, Diagram's suite of tools are likely to be of interest and may help you organise and speed up your work.


Learning Music, Interactive tuition

Learning Music

Interactive tuition

Explore the fundamentals of making music via this interactive site from Ableton.


What the Car?, Game

What the Car?


An absurdly silly game of adventure on Apple Arcade which is full of racing, laughs, and surprises.


Sulo, Jigsaw Puzzles


Jigsaw Puzzles

Beautiful French-made limited edition jigsaw puzzles. These are bloody lovely and made in collaboration with some really fantastic artists.


Dirk Koy, Artist

Dirk Koy


Dirk Koy is an artist and filmmaker experimenting with the use of drones, animation and photogrammetry.


Look Mum No Hands, EP by Yussh

Look Mum No Hands

EP by Yussh

Yussh is Bristol based producer and DJ, Jen Hartley. This EP pulls together four of her dialled in, atmospheric tracks.


Beef, TV Series


TV Series

This is a fantastic series from Amy Wong. Entertaining chaos and extremely funny dialogue ensue as two rage-fuelled drivers have a life-affirming feud.


Boring Report, News app

Boring Report

News app

Boring Report is an app that uses AI language models to remove sensationalism from the news, while preserving essential information.


Good Lies, Album by Overmono

Good Lies

Album by Overmono

Love this debut album from Welsh brothers, Tom and Ed Russell. Shades of Bicep in here in places


Audiopen, AI Transcriptions


AI Transcriptions

Yep I'm at AI saturation point too, but Audiopen deserves a mention. Speak freely while it listens and it will then succinctly and clearly summarise the meaning of what you've just said.


Succession, TV Series


TV Series

I'm already twitchy about the impending Succession shaped hole in my life. While it seems almost too obvious to add this to the newsletter, apparently some folks have never watched it?


Libby, Library reading app


Library reading app

I'm not sure how I'd not heard of this before, but it's brilliant. Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more from your library directly via your mobile device.


Maneken, Online mockup editor


Online mockup editor

I've been having an early look at Maneken and it looks like it has a lot of promise. Drop artwork onto photography of devices, billboards and more to create realistically lit, simple mock ups.


A photograph of a US highrise.



Highrises is a really nicely put together project showcasing the skyscrapers and tall buildings of early 20th century America.


A screenshot from Lego Builder.

Lego Builder's Journey


Lego Builder's Journey is a beautifully crafted and imaginative little game full of great little puzzles.


Poster art for Return to Seoul, showing a Korean woman looking back at the camera.

Return to Seoul


This is the story of 25 year old Freddie, who, on a whim, visits her birthplace of South Korea for the first time after being adopted and raised in France.


A photograph of Fred again... in the studio smiling looking back towards someone out of frame.

Fred Again — Tiny Desk Concert

Live performance

I never cease to be impressed by Fred Again... hence this being his second appearance in successive issues.


Icon for the Balance app, showing 3 white stones balanced in a stack.


MacOS time tracking app

Apps that offer time tracking and reminders to stop working are nothing new. But where others have failed for me, I've found Balance has really stuck.


Seven weird bendy white columns dangling down, faintly reminiscent of Udon noodles.


Interactive Experiments

This is a collection of interactive experiments by Japanese game developer and computer scientist, saharan.


Image of 5 blocks of gold bullion showing the actors faces reflected in them.

The Gold

TV Series

The Gold is a gripping BBC dramatisation of London's 1983 Brink's-Mat gold robbery.


Art by Frederique Matti

Frederique Matti


Frederique Matti is an independent Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. I can't get enough of her bold, colourful paintings and illustrations. They are just so striking and beautifully composed.