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A screenshot from Lego Builder.

Lego Builder's Journey


Lego Builder's Journey is a beautifully crafted and imaginative little game full of great little puzzles.


Poster art for Return to Seoul, showing a Korean woman looking back at the camera.

Return to Seoul


This is the story of 25 year old Freddie, who, on a whim, visits her birthplace of South Korea for the first time after being adopted and raised in France.


A photograph of Fred again... in the studio smiling looking back towards someone out of frame.

Fred Again β€” Tiny Desk Concert

Live performance

I never cease to be impressed by Fred Again... hence this being his second appearance in successive issues.


Icon for the Balance app, showing 3 white stones balanced in a stack.


MacOS time tracking app

Apps that offer time tracking and reminders to stop working are nothing new. But where others have failed for me, I've found Balance has really stuck.


Seven weird bendy white columns dangling down, faintly reminiscent of Udon noodles.


Interactive Experiments

This is a collection of interactive experiments by Japanese game developer and computer scientist, saharan.


Image of 5 blocks of gold bullion showing the actors faces reflected in them.

The Gold

TV Series

The Gold is a gripping BBC dramatisation of London's 1983 Brink's-Mat gold robbery.


Art by Frederique Matti

Frederique Matti


Frederique Matti is an independent Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. I can't get enough of her bold, colourful paintings and illustrations. They are just so striking and beautifully composed.


A screenshot from interactive learning website, Space Elevator

Space Elevator

Interactive learning

Space Elevator is a fun and exciting side project from Neal Agarwal, offering an engaging way to learn about altitude.


Album artwork for Late Reflections

Late Reflections

Album by Grandbrothers

Recorded in Cologne cathedral, this latest release from Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel AKA Grandbrothers is a beauty.


Mural by Marc David Spengler

Marc David Spengler


I first discovered Spengler's work through his prolific sketchbook pages, which he shared on Instagram. I immediately fell in love with his bold use of color and line.


Github Copilot

Github Copilot

AI assistant

Copilot is essentially AI autocomplete for programming. It is a little bit of software you install alongside your editor that has been trained on billions of lines of code across dozens of languages.


Raycast, Productivity Software


Productivity Software

Raycast is extremely useful. It's described as "a blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more."


The Swimmers, Film

The Swimmers


This isn't an amazing film so much as an amazing story. It's based on the true story of two sisters, swimmers from war-torn Syria, and the risky journey they take to Germany to seek refuge, which ultimately takes them to the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Guillaume Kurkdjian, Animator and Illustrator

Guillaume Kurkdjian

Animator and Illustrator

I've followed Kurkdjian’s wonderful animation work for a while – definitely since I made a website for his agents, Handsome Frank – and likely before.


Architecture in Sarpi, Georgia, on the coast of the Black Sea.



Greyscape celebrates the beauty of brutalist and modernist architecture with some great examples from around the world.


All Quiet on the Western Front, Film

All Quiet on the Western Front


No doubt you've heard of this as it was everywhere a little while ago after picking up a whole raft of BAFTAs. But if you haven't watched, you really should – it's an incredible film.


Whiplash, Film



Whiplash is a 2014 film from director, Damien Chazelle. It's been sat on my 'to watch' list for years, but somehow I haven't got round to it until a couple of weeks ago. And man, was it worth the wait.


Quiet by Susan Cain, Non-fiction

Quiet by Susan Cain


I've just finished this book and for me the experience was quite profound. I felt seen, like Cain was putting into words things I've felt for many years but been unable to articulate.


Fred Again β€” Boiler Room, DJ Set

Fred Again β€” Boiler Room

DJ Set

Prior to seeing this, I had only streamed Fred Again's albums and hadn't seen or heard any of his live DJ sets.


Letterboxd Year in Review, Film recommendations

Letterboxd Year in Review

Film recommendations

From more than 227 million ratings cast by Letterboxd members in 2022, the films in this list were ranked the best of the best.


Matches, Stop motion study


Stop motion study

I've been following Tomohiro Okazaki on Instagram for a while and he is some kind of genius. He makes these incredibly intricate, creative stop motion studies using matchsticks.


TET, Indie game


Indie game

I'm quite a fan of weird, thought-provoking games. This indie title from Charlotte Broccard is certainly one of those…


Wonders of Street View, Location explorer

Wonders of Street View

Location explorer

Another internet banger from Neal Agarwal. This is a super compelling, fun way to explore locations round the world.


muted dot io, Interactive music tools

muted dot io

Interactive music tools

If you like tinkering and playing music like I do, you'll love this.