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How to Avoid a Climate Disaster


Like most folks, I’ve become really tuned into the urgency of action needed to deal with climate change. But also I feel totally numb to all the doom-mongering and negativity – it’s just too much to bear day-to-day.


Which is why I like this book – it’s pragmatic and hopeful, rather than heavy and exhausting.

Love him or loathe him, Bill Gates is extremely practical and in How to Avoid a Climate Disaster he comes from a place of positivity, outlining that we can solve the issues facing us but we need to be collectively organised and focused and base our decisions on data and sensible economics.

Basing his arguments on tangible, meaningful numbers, he sets out a compelling plan for how the world can get to zero carbon emissions in time to avoid catastrophe.


How to Avoid a Climate Disaster appeared in Issue 3 in the Read section.