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Quiet by Susan Cain


I've just finished this book and for me the experience was quite profound. I felt seen, like Cain was putting into words things I've felt for many years but been unable to articulate.


Quiet is an insightful bit of non-fiction that celebrates introverts and highlights different ways they can contribute to society and succeed in their personal and professional lives.

I was particularly taken by the section on 'free traits' which explores how despite someone's predisposition towards introversion or extroversion, they can still behave in ways that contradict that trait if it is important to them in a given context. But that they will pay the price afterwards and need to do this in restrained, tactical ways.

Overall, Quiet is an interesting read and I'd recommend it to anyone, but particularly those that lean towards the introverted end of the spectrum like me or have loved ones that do.


Quiet by Susan Cain appeared in Issue 9 in the Read section.